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Albany Asphalt ServicesAlbany Asphalt Services is a Civil Contracting company trading under Gordon Walmsley Pty Ltd. We have been servicing the Great Southern Region of Western Australia since 1989. Operating as a family owned business, Albany Asphalt Services has been servicing Albany and parts of the Great Southern Region for over 25 years. During this time we have completed many civil construction projects, primarily specialising in kerbing and asphalt.

Our highly experienced, ticketed and motivated team provide our clients with prompt, cost effective and professional service. We have completed many driveways, carparks, and drainage solutions for private clients in Albany and Great Southern Region.

We have also been sub contracted to many local contractors including A.D Contractors, Wauters Enterprises and servicing Government Departments including the City of Albany, Department of Housing and Works, Shire of Plantagenet, Shire of Denmark and the Department of Treasury and Finance.

Some of our key projects for these clients included the Bayonet Head Shopping Centre for Wauters Enterprises, various large sub divisions for A.D Contractors, and repairs/maintenance for schools in the Albany region for the Department of Treasury and Finance.


Albany Asphalt Services specialise in the following:


Road Construction

Kerbing and Asphalt

Driveway Construction

Drainage Solutions

Earthworks and Land Clearing

Truck Hauling


Albany Asphalt Services has completed many varied projects throughout the Great Southern to a continually high standard.


Private Driveway and Car Park

National Anzac Centre and Princess Royal Fortress

Car Park

Apex Drive Mt Clarence

Road Works including re-sealing and new round-a-bout

Mount Barker, Shire of Plantagenet

Roadside Kerbing

Catalina Road, Brooks Garden Sub Division

Asphalt Overlay

Albany City Library

Carpark Resealing

Albany York Street

Main Road Resealing

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